Music & InnovationSummit

July 4th, 5th & 6th
Liège, Belgium

Be inspired by the Brightest MusicTech Professionals on the Planet!

About the event...

WALLIFORNIA is a sunny Entertainment+Tech hub based in Liège (Belgium), where startups, professionals & investors develop together the future of their industries. Our primary sectors are : Music, Sports, Esports & Gaming.

From July 4th to July 6th, the WALLIFORNIA MUSIC & INNOVATION SUMMIT will gather the global Music & Tech professionals and provide the most inspirational talks on innovation for startups, music professionals and investors. Our speakers are experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, successful investors, visionary artists or industry experts sharing their experiences.




And it is your moment to be a part of that!

Music & Tech executives

Where decisions are made

An event full of experiences!

We offer a 3-days Exclusive & Premium event, 100% B2B and rich in experiences. The whole Summit will take place in the center of Liège, in 2 adjoining stages (at La Grand Poste, the new Wallifornia’s HQ). 

A small event that offers 20+ panels and keynotes that support

  • Skills development,
  • CXO’s level discussions,
  • Network diversification,
  • Trends identification,
  • Conclusive collaborations,
  • Live & Music celebrations (inside Les Ardentes Festival).

And beyond the carefully selected content, we want you to have a unique experience: in the evening on the 4th, you will enjoy a welcome drink on the rooftop of La Grand Poste, a great opportunity to get to know everyone before the experience starts! On the 5th evening, we will throw a launch party (at the Reflektor, a mythical concert hub in the city). On the 6th, the VIP guests will join Les Ardentes Festival for a wild concert, featuring KENDRICK LAMAR, AYA NAKAMURA, HAMZA and the very top of the urban scene at the moment.


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A welcome party on the 4th, multiple stages on the 5th and the 6th, concerts and live performances : just make your choice!



06:00 pm
10:00 pm
Welcome Drink

Join us on the Rooftop of the main place of the conference : La Grand Poste!
Have fun, chat a bit and have a drink with the people you will be learning from for the next two days!

Live performance : Shaggy Greys

09:00 am
09:45 am
Welcome !
09:45 am
10:00 am
Showcase : DeLaurentis

DeLaurentis succeeded in creating the ideal connection between the woman and the machine ; the missing piece that fit between electronic music and A.I.

She will orchestrate an electro-cinematic piece both soft and powerful, clear and obscure : relentlessly effective and bewitching.

10:05 am
10:20 am
Wallifornia : Welcome!

Gérôme Vanherf : Co-founder @Wallifornia, BE
Coralie Doyen : Program & Partnership Manager, @Wallifornia, BE
Xavier Péters, CEO @LeanSquare, BE

10:30 am
10:50 am
Keynote : Let the music describe itself: Music analysis @Fraunhofer IDMT

Hanna Lukashevich : Head of Semantic Music Technologies @Fraunhofer IDMT, DE

10:30 am
10:50 am
Keynote : Music by the Numbers So Far in 2023

Join Luminate’s VP/Head of Global Helena Kosinski as she walks through the state of the music industry so far in 2023 using data-fueled insights. As Luminate is the authoritative data provider for the Billboard Charts, both U.S. and Global, this presentation comes with verified, trusted numbers that will predict worldwide music trends to come for the next year, and beyond.

11:00 am
11:20 am
Keynote : Don’t use copyright to stop AI

Cliff Fluet : Managing Director @Eleven, UK

11:00 am
11:20 am
Startup Story : Beatsurfing

Pascal Demez, CEO at Beatsurfing
Olivier Schuster, COO at Beatsurfing

11:30 am
11:50 am
Keynote : Music & Gaming, The Ubisoft Story

Wladimir Pandolfo, Music Business Director @Ubisoft International, FR

11:30 am
11:50 am
Keynote : Music Tech and Start Up ecosystem : the current state of music start up land

Gareth Deakin : Director @Sonorous Global Consulting, UK

11:50 am
12:30 pm
Meetup : "Meet the ecosystem"

Time for you to meet the Music & Tech worldwide actors! From Sweden to Chile, connect with experts from all over the world and learn how their respective structure works in synergy with the industry!

Host : Coralie Doyen & Gérôme Vanherf
- Abbey Road Red - Karim Fanous, UK
- CRT+IC - Ricardo Lira Araya, CL 
- BPI MusicTech Community (Springboard) - Amalie Briden, UK 
- KIKK Festival - Laura Latour, BE
- Music Ally SI:X - Paul Brindley, UK 
- MusicTech Belgium - Ward Cannaerts, BE 
- MusicTech Chile - Felix Barros Ribalta, CL 
- Music Innovation Hub, Anna Zò, IT 
- MusicTech Europe - Anna Zò, EU 
- Music Tech Francen - Mathilde Neu, FR
- Music Finland – Turo Pekari, FI
- MusicTech Germany - Matthias Strobel, DE
- MusicTech Japan - Takayuki Suzuki, JP
- MusicTech Norway - Frank Østevold, NO
- Plaine Image - Laurent Tricart, FR
- Radio France - Jean Rovarino, FR
- Sacem Lab - Charlotte Cazenave, FR
- Universal Music Group / Digital Innovation - Casandra Strauss, UK 
- Unwrap - Vincent Vanderbeck, BE
- Warner Music Benelux - Thijs Verhulst, NL
11:50 am
12:30 pm
Panel : AI, Music & Sound

– Host : Xavier Tumminello, MusicTech Industry Expert, FR
Peter Petersen, CEO @Sound Hub Denmark, DK
Steffen Holly, CEO @Jamahook AG, DE
DeLaurentis, Musician – DJ, FR
Sarasara, Musician – FR

12:35 pm
01:10 pm
Panel : Metaverse, Music and Fashion

– Host : Takayaki Suzuki, Managing Director @MusicTech Japan, JP
Julien Rosilio, Head of Growth & NFT Lead @DRESSX, FR
DJ Agoria, DJ – Label Owner – Composer, FR
Patricia Gloum, Cofounder & Creative Director @Braw Haus, US

12:35 pm
01:10 pm
Panel : The artists are the next manufacturers

– Host : Eric Kubik, CMO @Beatsurfing, BE
Garret Halsall, Vice President & General Manager @Plugin Boutique, Loopcloud & Loopmasters, UK
Helen Sartory, VP of Creator Services @Beatport, UK
Phazz, Producer (Orelsan, Woodkid, SCH, Leto…), FR
FKI1$T, Singer – Rapper – Songwriter – Producer – DJ, US
Connor Musarra, Singer – Producer, US
Che Pope, Founder @Wrkshp Media | Music producer, US

02:20 pm
04:00 pm
Wallifornia MusicTech Accelerator : Demo Day !

Buckle up! After 10 weeks of online keynotes, panels, workshops and coaching, it’s high-time our start-ups to pitch their project in front of our selected jury!

Introduction by Chris Howard : Startups, Start Your Engines! — Music & Tech, Lessons Learned.

Start-ups that will pitch on the Demo Day :

04:30 pm
05:10 pm
Panel : No music on a dead planet : How music and technology can help solve the climate crisis

– Host : Cathy Runciman, Executive Director @EarthPercent, UK
Claire O’Neill, CEO @A Greener Future, UK
Andrew Melchior, Producer and Technical Advisor @One Little Indian Records, UK

04:30 pm
05:10 pm
Panel : Tools for effective music licensing in the virtual realm – Where are we now?

– Host : Turo Pekari, Innovation and Business Development Executive @Music Finland, FI
–  Vickie Nauman, Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Founder/CEO CrossBorderWorks, US
Daan Archer, CEO & Co-founder @Copyright Delta, NL
Wesa Aapro, Metaverse Lead @Yle Innovations, FI
Pieter Van Leugenhagen, Co-Founder @yondr, BE

05:20 pm
05:40 pm
Keynote : We come in peace: why AI is not here to steal your art and your money?

Oleg Stavitsky : CEO & Co-Founder @Endel, DE

05:20 pm
06:00 pm
Panel : Generative AI - AI Can Hurt or (Hopefully) Help the Music Business

– Host :  Vickie Nauman, Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Founder/CEO CrossBorderWorks, US
Michael Turbot : Technology Promotion Manager @Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris, FR
Jérémy Bénichou : Musician – DJ – Producer @Whim Therapy, FR
Benoit Carré : Musician @SKYGGE, FR
Rachel Lyske : Chief Executive Officer @DAACI, UK
Catherine Lückhoff : Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Founder/Co-founder & CEO of, ZA

08:00 pm
02:00 am
Wallifornia Party! Curated by BeatSurfing

The evening will be hosted by Herrmutt Lobby (BE, Award-winning musicians & developers), the driving force behind the development of this new technology, and will welcome its internationally renowned ambassadors:

– Fki 1$t (US – Post Malone, Travis Scott, Migos, Nicki Minaj, …),
– Phazz (FR – Orelsan, Damso, SCH, Koba LaD, Oxmo Puccino, …),
– Connor Musarra (US – Logic, Polo G, Babyface Ray),
– DJ Swordz (BE – 2x scratch world champion),
– Sixo (BE – Hip-Hop Showcase)
– ROM 303 (FR – Fuse, Under Festival, Sisyphos) for a hybrid techno live set.

Doors open at 8pm.


09:45 am
10:00 am
10:00 am
10:05 am
Wallifornia welcome speech

Gérôme Vanherf : Co-founder @Wallifornia, BE
Coralie Doyen : Program & Partnership Manager, @Wallifornia, BE

10:05 am
10:15 am
Keynote : Music and Innovation Initiatives at the European Commission

KOKOLO Willy, Policy Officer – Culture at European Commission, BE

10:20 am
10:40 am
Keynote : MIDiA’s State of the Music Creator Economy

Kriss Thakrar, Research Consultant @MIDiA, UK

10:20 am
11:00 am
Panel : Artists' digital revenues : threats and opportunities for independent and developing acts

Host : Tracy DeJarnett, Founder & CMO at The Brandsoup Agency, USA
Tom Gray : Singer – Songwriter – Performer – Advocate, UK
Ben Wynter : Entrepreneurship & Outreach Manager @AIM, UK
Richard Burgess : President & CEO @A2IM (American Association of Independent Music), USA
Elmo Lovano, Founder & CEO at Jammcard, USA

10:50 am
11:30 am
Panel : Innovation viewed by the Live actors

– Host : Chris Carey, Founder @FastForward Events, UK
Ward Cannaerts : Head of Marketing @AB (Ancienne Belgique), BE
Jos Feijen : Director @Effenaar, NL
Andrea Faroppa : Head @Sónar+D, ES
Daniel Fletcher : Chief Innovation & Corporate Development Office @Primavera Sound, ES

11:10 am
11:40 am
Founder Story: In conversation with Olly Barnes, co-founder of Voisey (sold to Snap Inc) and Beatstar (top grossing music game worldwide)

Catherine Lückhoff : Co-founder & CEO @20Fifty, SA
Olly Barnes : Co Founder @Voisey, acquired by Snap Inc, UK

11:40 am
12:10 pm
Panel : Beats and Bytes: Exploring the music & tech scene in Europe

– Host : Aga Samitowska : Freelance Consultant, PL
Turo Pekari : Innovation and Business Development Executive @Music Finland, FI
Matthias Strobel : MusicTech Germany, DE
Anna Zó, Operations Manager, Music Innovation Hub, IT
Yvan Boudillet, MusicTech France, FR

11:50 am
12:30 pm
Panel : Why Does the Music Industry Need More Metadata Integration?

– Host: : Jake Beaumont : Executive Director, IMMF (International Music Managers Forum), UK
Richard Skidmore : Founder at Richard Skidmore Consultancy, UK
Joshua Weikert : CTO @Cyanite, DE
Lydia Gregory, CEO & CoFounder at Figaro, UK

12:20 pm
01:00 pm
Panel : What’s Fading, What’s Booming & What’s Emerging in Music Rights (Data / AI / Web3 / Revenues / Metaverse)

– Host : Amanda Schupf, Founder at MAX Music Consulting, USA
Christian Martin, President @Playright, BE
Serge Vloeberghs, Director @SABAM, BE
Vickie Nauman, Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Founder/CEO CrossBorderWorks, US
Neeta Ragoowansi, executive director at
Julien Lefebvre, Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation @Sacem, FR

02:10 pm
02:35 pm
Open Discussion with the crowd : "How do we unfucked the music Industry"

Ted Cohen : Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Managing Partner @TAG Strategic, US

02:10 pm
02:50 pm
Panel : Can We Innovate Our Way to a More Diverse and Inclusive Music Industry?

– Host : Carine Sava : Founder & Artist Manager @Watermelon Agency, RO
Janishia Jones : Founder @ENCORE Music Tech Solutions, Member @Recording Academy, US
Alexandra Sufit : Music and Tech – DE&I and Public Affairs expert (UK, EU)
Neeta Ragoowansi, executive director at
Dani Deahl, Head of Communications and Creator Insights @ BandLab | Ex: Output, The Verge , US

02:40 pm
03:20 pm
Panel : Fan Engagement and music

– Host : Gareth Deakin : Director @Sonorous Global Consulting, UK
Aileen Crowley : Partner @Lark42, US
Marisol Segal : Head of Digital Partnerships @AEG Presents, US

03:00 pm
03:40 pm
Panel : Streaming services and the family

– Host : Ted Cohen : Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Managing Partner @TAG Strategic, US
Christine Brendle : CEO @Jooki, FR
Kriss Thakrar, Research Consultant @MIDiA, UK

03:25 pm
04:05 pm
Panel : Investing in Music & Tech : Why ?

– Host : Gérôme Vanherf, Co-founder @Wallifornia
Xavier Péters, CEO @LeanSquare, BE
Sofia Munoz, Tech Executive @AWS, ES
Hazel Savage, VP, Music Intelligence @SoundCloud, UK
Bart Becks, Executive Chairman @E-Health Valley, BE

03:50 pm
04:30 pm
Panel : Music Business : Rethinking the link between education and entrepreneurship

– Host : Paul Brindley, CEO at Music Ally, UK
Yvan Boudillet, VP, Public Policy at Utopia Music, FR
Emilien Moyon, Director of the Global Entertainment and Music Business Program at Berklee College of Music, ES
Amalie Briden, Innovation Manager at BPI (British Phonographic Industry), UK
Sudha Kheterpal, Musician (The Spice Girls & Faithless ), UK

04:10 pm
04:50 pm
Panel : Music & Gaming : lesson learned

– Host : Vickie Nauman, Advisory Board @Wallifornia | Founder/CEO CrossBorderWorks, US
Arabian Prince : Founding Member Rock Hall of Fame Group N.W.A., Founder | CEO @iNov8 Next Open Labs, US
Pal Chohan : VP Audio Systems & Music @Pixelynx, UK

04:50 pm
05:00 pm
Outro & Start-up Award Ceremony

Gérôme Vanherf : Co-founder @Wallifornia, BE
Coralie Doyen : Program & Partnership Manager, @Wallifornia, BE

05:00 pm
05:30 pm
Showcase : Arabian Prince

OG Arabian Prince – A songwriter, rapper, producer, DJ, technologist Pro Gamer, Animator and Futurist, Founding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group N.W.A., producer of Grammy nominated #1 hit song Supersonic. Founder of iNov8 Next Open Labs, Founder of GGGOAT PC and lifestyle brand. CoFounder/CEO MDDAO a Medical Metaverse co.



One of the best Rap & Hip-Hop Festival in Europe

An exclusive B2B event

Announced Attendees

We want to focus the event on people, meetings and exchanges. Therefore, a convivial space, opening on one of the most beautiful urban squares, will allow you to discuss with many experts from the Music & Tech Industries

July 5th @Reflektor

Wallifornia Official Party

Curated by Beatsurfing

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